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School Portrait Events and School Dances!

I can bring one of my full-fledged themes to offer at your school or camp’s event, providing portraits to always remember it by! I can bring any theme I offer, or even create one specifically for you if we arrange far enough in advance. This type of event’s pricing structure is based on volume... I design a special pre-paid package that includes the session and portraits at a much, much, lower rate than my studio offers. This is not designed as a fundraiser... please see my Fundraising section for that type of program. However, as a courtesy, staff, as well as children of school/camp staff members are always photographed for free. School/Camp events and school dance events are designed so I can bring the fun portraits I offer my clients to your event at a highly discounted rate, allowing that extra something to make your event that much more participatory and talked about long after!

School Portrait Events

Preschools and Camps love having me bring As Cute As It Gets to their location... some bigger schools like Tutor Time and Kindercare have me there for multiple days, as it takes a few days to photograph all the little ones whose parents have signed them up to participate. Most preschools and camps have me there to coincide with a particular theme they are learning about that week or for a seasonal session. I can bring one theme, or a theme that affords several variations, such as my beach set... as it allows me to offer Hawaiian, Pirate and Mermaid themes all during the same event. My vintage set is also requested often, as is my firefighter set. I can create a full 3-D set for any holiday…..Valentine’s Day, Spring/Easter, 4th of July, Fall/Halloween, Thanksgiving, Winter/Christmas, New Year’s.

During each child’s time with me, they are warmly greeted, shown the set and if old enough, are told what we are about to do, helped into the custom created costumes, have their hair attended to, and are positioned appropriately... and then of course, get to experience that theme. Little girls get to shake their Hawaiian grass skirt, or flip flop that mermaid tail! Little boys get to swoosh that pirate sword say "Argh!" or wave that real fire hose around! I always find the right gag or silly statement to make them giggle... that is my job. I keep trying until I know I have a great portrait. I don’t just snap and yell "next" because I have a hundred kids to get through. I generally start as soon as your school opens and go til you close. I personally pull children a couple at a time from their classrooms based upon naptimes, and personally walk them back to their classrooms. If you have a staff floater available or classroom aide that can assist me in helping them with their costumes, as that would be much appreciated by myself as well as the parents. Each child has about a 15 minute time frame with me and has a true blast every second... a fun change up in their daily routine. Most of the kids want to hug me good-bye when I get them back to their classroom and have their parent come meet me before they leave at the end of the day! Many of the pre-K kids ask if they can just stay and be my assistant with the "babies". Totally cute, right?

When your school or camp books their event with me, I will custom create promotional materials to make everyone excited about the event and sign up. I will make flyers to send home, create posters for the foyer and each classroom door, and if desired, an email of the flyer that you can forward to your distribution list. So that we can book for your desired dates, please let me know about 3-4 months in advance, so that my calendar has spaces. I close my storefront for the day and therefore cannot already have previously scheduled private sessions already on the calendar. Pre-payment is all done online by parents and I create the participant lists, so there is no upfront admin for your staff.

The quickest way for parents to receive the portraits is letting me personally pick the portrait with the best smile for each family’s package. I also can place the proofs online in password protected galleries for each class. Either way, parents can opt for a digital portrait package and have it emailed directly to them, or they can opt have their package printed at my lab and delivered it to your front office in my little As Cute As It Gets portrait bag.

School Dance Portrait Events!

Elementary, middle, and high school dances aren’t complete without a photographer, and I truly believe my themes can make the event totally over the top. Themed backdrops offered by other school dance photographers are nice and certainly get the job done, but why not have a fully unique 3-D set where those being photographed are actively part of the set and are allowed to hold props? My sets really live up to my studio’s name... they are As Cute As It Gets! Promise!

Popular sets for school dances are my Hawaiian, Western, 50’s, Jungle and Pirate Sets, but if given enough time, can custom create a set just for your theme.

When your school books me for their dance, then I will custom create promotional material for publicizing the event. I will create flyers and posters, and then if desired, an email version of the flyer for you to distribute to your school.

I have designed my pricing structure to be competitive to what other school dance photographers are charging. The goal for everyone is to have affordable portraits so everyone excitedly participates. I am super flexible when it comes to customizing packages to work with your group. I can offer on site fulfillment by having assistants email and/or text the best portrait from the session. We also can set up for packages that allow for multiple portrait groupings to be emailed/texted, so that best friends & big groups can be photographed. Parents can also upgrade to have printed images in addition to the digital. I also can arrange a flat amount for the whole event, and provide you with a thumbdrive of cropped, color corrected images for you to email/print on your end. If you think this is something your next event needs, let discuss all the options and come up with a plan customized to your needs!