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If you are one of my clients, and one of your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, etc. books and comes to any type of session, just remind them to mention your name so you can receive a credit for a free extra digital 8x10 from your next session with As Cute As It Gets. If you refer multiple new clients, your images can be saved up and applied all at once.

Sometimes you earn free portraits without even knowing it... I had a new client inadvertently refer 11 families one holiday season, just because when the new families called, they mentioned they were in love with her holiday card from the year before!

This sort of indirect referral actually happens all the time with announcements, invitations, and holiday cards!

I have a few families that really, really love accumulating free portraits and have made it their quest to actively whip out my brochures whenever they can. If you become one of those parents, and you end up sending 10 new families my way that come for a session, then YOU absolutely will receive a complimentary hour studio or outdoor session, allowing you to add your accumulated free digital portraits to the ones that come with the hour session. Just ask me for some brochures and I will be totally delighted to give them to you!

Word of mouth and social media eferrals are the greatest compliment anyone in a service oriented business can receive, and I really, really appreciate all the families that so enthusiastically let other people know about As Cute As It Gets!!