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Just wanted to let everyone know that I absolutely believe in trading and encourage more families with products and services to contact me. Since the economy is still recovering, some family’s budgets haven't bounded back to the point where professional photography is back on the is technically a want, not a need. I totally get that and have my own list of wants/needs that I’ve been holding off on...maybe they are services and things that we can trade for! Then it’s a treat for both of us!!!! Some of the things are a little bit pie in the sky, but I have traded for some pretty awesome things before. In California, I traded for my teeth to be veneered, several years of chiropractic care, had the entire backyard filled with queen palms around our pool, had new kitchen cabinets mounted, had hardwood flooring and blinds installed, storage pod rentals, and a wall knocked out between rooms. Some of these services entailed multiple sessions on my end, but if you have little ones, you never can have too many photography sessions! I traded for smaller things all the time too, like having my hair done, veterinary services, having a will/trust created, auto detailing, Christmas lights put up and various lessons and tutoring for my boys.

For the items that are construction related, in some cases we can pay for materials if you only do labor, but ideally if you have a store that provides the product as well we should trade dollar for dollar, as there is plenty of time/cost associated on our end with the post production of your portraits & print packages, collages, large canvases & albums.

Here is my long list of services/items that I hope to trade for:

Updated September 16, 2017

Dog Related

  • Dog grooming
  • Social training (for 5 year old shepherd that loves people but hates other dogs. She only likes my other two shepherds.  Oh, and she hates joggers. Apparently they are up to no good in her eyes.
  • Aqua therapy for my eldest shepherd to combat the arthritis and mobility issues resulting from a leg surgery
  • Veterinarian Services  *ASAP*

Outdoor Related

  • Summertime mosquito abatement from the local franchisee of a bigger chain – like Mosquito Joe or Mosquito Squad (So I can stop wearing a hockey mask and attacking them with a bloody fly swatter. "Chi. Chi. Chi. Kill. Kill. Kill." Yes, I tend to exaggerate.)
  • Septic tank pump out (it is only an accident that this is in the 2nd in order on this list. I swear.) *ASAP*
  • Lawn care application services (seeding, weed control, fertilizing)
  • Mulch!!!!
  • Ride on mower – totally can be used, just has to work well! (Please save my 16 year old from having to walk and mow. We are horrible parents to expect such hard labor apparently.)
  • 6 foot gate built and installed (so we can get the ride on lawnmower (see above) from the front lawn to the back lawn. Any other way of getting it beyond the fence is a Darwin Award waiting to happen)
  • Snow blower – 2 step – totally can be used, just has to work well!
  • Above ground steel walled pool  - can totally be used, because it’s for my dogs. It just has to be in decent condition. Ideally it has a liner, pump, heater and deck. I just know so many people buy the above ground pools, but then the thrill wears off and they just sit. (Maybe I just gave you inspiration to heat yours up and use it! Or inspiration to take it down and trade it. )
  • Spa (totally can be used, just needs to have been well kept and in great working order) Again, so many people buy them and then never really use them as often as intended)
  • Driveway crack sealant & recoating (‘cause my all neighbors have done theirs recently, and now we are black sheeping it on the block)
  • Flowers, shrubs and trees from nursery
  • Tree clipping of branches that scrape our homes roof (I like how spooky it sounds on a windy night, but apparently it will cause damage eventually. Also we have a really large bough that is cracked and about to break. I don't want to be crushed. Flat as a pancake people are no fun. )  *ASAP*

Construction Related

For the studio & store
  • Electrician to install 7 gooseneck lights on exterior of building (we have the goosenecks) *ASAP*
  • Installation of vinyl rolled flooring over top of existing floor
  • Vinyl window graphics *ASAP*
  • Printing & installation of two outdoor signs from digital files (78"x96" metal mounted) *ASAP*
Projects at my moms small house in Batavia
  • Installation of backsplash tiles in small kitchen (we have the tile)
  • Cutting and installation of laminate veneer on her kitchen counter tops
  • Levelling out the wooden steps and stoop on one side of her deck
  • Newer black gas stove and black refrigerator (perfect if you are remodeling and need to get rid of the old ones)
  • Drywall touch up/smooth out of bathroom walls around new shower
  • Levelling out of tiny bathroom floor & laying of new tile (we have the tile)
  • Installation of new toilet on the newly levelled floor
Projects at our home in Campton Hills
  • Installation of a replacement water spigot. Ours has been dripping for 2 years.  *ASAP*
  • Knocking out of a wall to connect two bedrooms, and the drywall repair
  • Painting of our homes interior (to cover the mud my shepherds sling and mosquitos I squash) I need every room painted, so this project can be divided up amongst multiple trading families.
  • Blinds/shades for 20 windows
  • Installation of vinyl/laminate plank flooring in majority of house (carpet & 3 dogs do not mix it turns out)
  • Cabinets installed in kitchen…can be used cabinets in a similiar generic style because I plan to distress and refinish myself (in my spare time. Haha.)
  • Removal of sliding door, and installation of windows in its place
  • Removal of windows in another room, and installation of French doors
  • Creation/installation of extra large custom doggie door
  • New AC units (we have the old type that can’t be affordably refilled)
  • Counter tops in kitchen (after cabinets installed) No material preference at this point.
  • Electrician for fun themed LED lighting project in our home basement (Has to do with Star Wars. Yeah, we’re cool like that)
  • Retiling of 2 bathrooms - flooring and showers (I don’t think what we have was even fashionable in the 80’s when it was new. Its hideous I tell you.)
  • New windows installed throughout house (I know they are expensive, but I will also give you a kidney in exchange. Notice that I didn’t say whose)
  • Aluminum siding removed and brick veneer installed ("Yes, you do need a decade of free photography" Imagine a hand waving Jedi style.)
  • Outdoor 4 season room built off dining room (see above clever quip).
  • In spring, digging of flower beds, planting of seeds and mulching. (And advice…my attempt this year was rather sad)
  • In late fall, the installation of Christmas lights, or even use of a cherry picker lift to make it easier for me. (I am done going up on the roof by myself and dangling over the side hooking lights, only to have a portion of the string drop to the grass. Done I tell you!) 

Craft Related

  • Costume sewing
  • Knitting/crocheting of little newborn hats/diaper covers/costumes based on patterns (never can have too many!)
  • Creation of various props from wood, foam, etc.
  • Creation of faux armor for cosplay
  • Someone that knows how to hand spindle fibers into yarn

Business Service Related

  • SEO of my 3 websites
  • Social media help for my 3 businesses
  • Printing of promotional materials
  • T-shirt printing via sublimation or direct to garment
  • Bookkeeping services for my 3 businesses
  • Tax preparation in spring

Entertainment Related

  • Used pontoon boat/trailer. It doesn’t have to be pretty, just has to do what it needs to do. It’s mainly to take our dogs in out on the river and local lakes. My doggies love water!

Personal Services

  • Hair salon services (take my hair from blah to ahhh every couple months!)  *ASAP*
  • Massages (Pleeeeeeeeease.)
  • Restaurant credit (Feeed meeeeeee!)
  • SAT prep (for my 16 year old)
  • Medi-spa services (or hey, if you are a plastic surgeon that wants to trade for a decade of photography, I want my upper and lower eyelids touched up. Note to self: My mom was right about all the time out in the sun without sunscreen. Sigh. Oh, and let me add a dramatic "Damn you collagen! Damn you gravity" for good measure.
  • Memory foam cooling gel mattress, King sized. (if you are a mattress store franchisee you are my new best friend. Seriously.)