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I think iI think it is important that businesses foster good will in their community. It’s nice to be nice! I have several cute free sessions that I offer that come with a 5x7 digital file, and a digital version on Facebook. This is for anyone who wants to call... previous clients or brand new clients... just thrilled to have you come visit!


Missing front teeth is truly one of the cutest milestones of childhood, and yet so many families avoid photographing their children during this period. I hear it all the time, and always try to talk parents into not waiting for the teeth to grow back in! However, most families choose to wait til they grow in for an updated family portrait to be taken. I think phase is so, so adorable!! So as a way to see more of those great toothless smiles, I want you to bring your little ones in for a complimentary mini session to capture this fleeting moment in their lives. I will do a 5 minute session, making them laugh, laugh, and laugh some more... and might even have them try to whistle or recite the "She sells seashells" tongue twister to make sure you laugh too. ;) I will then give you a digital 5x7 of my favorite image from the session.

Hooray for Scouting!

The most rewarding activity my youngest son has been involved in has absolutely been Scouting. I would love, love to have you bring your Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Indian Guide, Daisy, Brownie, Girl Scout or Indian Princess in their uniform to have me officially commemorate how darn adorable they look in those little uniforms! I will get them to laugh with several of my silly sayings adapted for the outdoors or scouting. I will give you a digital 5x7 of my favorite image from the session.

Welcome to the Neighborhood!

If you have just moved and need to email or snail mail out a cute announcement of your new address... I got you covered. Just make an appointment to come in, and I will photograph your kids or fur babies in moving boxes, and give you a 5x7 digital file of it with your new address on it.

Client Appreciation!

Usually once a quarter I offer FREE special Limited Edition Portrait Events for previous clients. These Client Appreciation portrait events are always listed in the Portrait Events section... sometimes they are a full fledged theme, sometimes just a one off celebration of something current in pop culture, or a cute session for a child to show off an important relationship. like their grandparents or best friend. Sometimes the shoot is about their holding something they are into at the moment, like a tattered stuffed monkey, or just with a silly theme, like crazy hair. Previous clients get a complimentary mini session and a free 5x7 digital portrait! ( First time clients can attend too, but just have a small fee of $25. But once you pay for it, you are now an official client forever more. Boom. Just like that. )

Every now and then I do an across the board free event for everyone, mainly for St. Charles events, like the Scarecrow Festival!

Sooooo...yeah.......riiiiiiight.......what's the catch, Dove?

There really isn't one. You just have to contact me and we will find a perfect time for you to come in that works with both our schedules. As I am by appointment only, I usually place these sessions in between other sessions or if I have a lot of requests for them in a particular week, try to schedule them all in succession one morning or afternoon.

If you want to buy more images from the session, then you can. I have special low cost digital images, prints and cards designed for these mini sessions for those that might want be interested. No pressure.  I am just hoping that you and your child(ren) have fun at the session getting to know me, enjoy the 5x7 and consider me the next time you need a local photographer that specializes in the areas I do! Consider it to be my version of handing you a sample of "delicious" teriyaki chicken to try at Costco, just less messy. Hopefully. Or else something has gone really awry. Lol.

I just ask that if you have to cancel on the appointment, that you kindly call to let me know as soon as you can. Not showing up for a free session is mean, jellybean. Also, these sessions are truly designed so I can offer you a free portrait in the specfied theme. PLEASE don’t ask if I will also squeeze a couple of non related newborn or family portraits into that free 5 minute session. I am of course happy to book an adjacent session... but as these little sessions are offered in the spirit of giving back, please do not try to take advantage of the situation. I only write this because I have unfortunately been put in that position more times than I should have been. Like way more. Just enjoy getting something completely free! Be nice and put good out there....promise it makes the world a better place. Now go pay for the person behind you in the Starbucks will make you feel good all day. :)

School Auctions

Yes! I would love to donate a studio session and 8x10 digital print for your school or community cause auction!! I do not donate for raffles, but totally will for silent auctions, so that attending families at your event have the opportunity to view a small tabletop easel of my work, and therefore bid up the item, getting your school the maximum fundraising amount they can receive! Please contact me and I will get you all the info and specific requirements!