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Fundraisers and Auction Donations

Yes, I do fundraisers! If your organization needs to bring in funds, an As Cute As It Gets Portrait Event Fundraiser can really, really bring in quite a good amount while at the same time provide families with a treasured portrait that lasts much longer than wrapping paper or cookie dough (and it looks much better on the wall!) A fundraiser can be arranged in a few different ways. I can bring As Cute As It Gets to you, or you can have your group book individual appointments to come to the studio! Either way, your group will receive 20% back of every dollar spent. It adds up!

I can bring As Cute As It Gets to you!

If I come to you, I require a minimum of 25 different families/individuals that have prepaid the agreed upon session fee for the event. My session fee of course will be lower than my normal studio rates. In our planning stages, we will work out all the particulars such as pricing. We will also come up with the perfect set for your group. Family portraits are the most requested for fundraisers, but I also can bring one of my many themed sets, such as Vintage, Cooking, Western, Hawaiian, Pirate or maybe create a new one for you. During the holidays, if you do a family portrait event, most families will have their images places into my adorable holiday cards. Also, speaking of holiday cards, the most popular holiday fundraiser I do is family portraits with the ability to have their favorite image popped into one of my 30 or so snowglobes.

Fundraisers that involve holiday cards always do amazingly well!

I will provide all the customized materials to send home with the members of your group, as well as posters to display and if desired, an email advertisement for you to send out as well. Depending upon the nature of your organization and the dates/times we schedule it for, we can also decide if you would like to handle the scheduling or if you would like me to. Depending upon the type of sessions we will be doing, each mini session will be scheduled for a 10-20 minute time slot, which is ample time for one theme. All the cute portraits from your event will be ready for viewing within a couple of days in a password protected gallery online. We can arrange for one big online gallery or separate ones. If desired, each time an order is placed, I will email a copy of the order to the person in charge of your group and send a weekly updated spreadsheet, so that you are aware of the running total of how much is coming in for your fundraiser. As it is to the benefit of both your group and As Cute As It Gets to have the minimum of 25 families participate, if we have cancellations pop up that drop the event below my minimum, it is understood that we will reschedule all the families to attend their session at my studio in Downtown Saint Charles.

Your group can schedule to come to As Cute As It Gets studio in Downtown Saint Charles!

If you come to me, then we will set up a specific range of time that your fundraiser will run for, and families can directly contact me to set up a session that works best for their schedule. This is perhaps the easiest way of doing a fundraiser, as it offers so much more flexibility. Since the members of your organization will be coming to me, it can have a smaller minimum of pre-paid participants...just 15. This is great for smaller organizations, such a scouting or dance troop. If we set a two week time period on the fundraiser, then families can truly schedule at a time that works best around their busy schedule. The other great benefit to this type of fundraiser is that families have more than one choice of sets/themes, and can in fact do a fundraiser package add on during their time with me. For example, a family can come for the advertised family portrait session, and then can choose to book another session for the end of their session, allowing for another seasonal or standard set for their children, such as my fairy set or superhero set. I then allocate 20% back from that regular session to your fundraiser. Having more choices for each family increases the amount coming back to your group. As with all my events, the cute portraits from your event will be ready for viewing within a couple of days in a password protected gallery online. We can arrange for one big online gallery or separate ones. Each time an order is placed, I will email a copy of the order and an updated spreadsheet to the person in charge of your group, so that you are aware of the running total of how much is coming in for your fundraiser.

I was just recently asked what happens if an organization such as a school wants an incentive based fundraiser, where children are competing to sell the fundraising sessions. I can arrange for order forms, and a fold out brochure for each participant to advertise what my studio offers. We then can devise the reward for selling the most and/or selling a certain number, such as a free session for their families, or a special session just for the child, as well as free items like holiday cards or even custom invitations for the child’s next birthday party. We can chat at length and brainstorm the particulars of this type of program... there are all sorts of fun options. We could also do something totally different to incentivize kids... such as publicizing that if a certain number of sessions are sold that your principal or group leader gets to come in for a funny faces session, or if they are a particularly good sport, do something really off the wall, like dress up like a caveman in my jungle set... something totally silly that the whole school or organization gets to guiltily enjoy for years to come! You always hear of principals doing crazy things to motivate kids, like sleeping on the school roof, shaving their head, or having a pie thrown in their face... I just thought I could offer my own take! Maybe all the kids that sell a certain amount then get a t-shirt with that crazy image on it to proudly wear!

I usually always say yes to fundraisers, but at certain times of the year, I end up booking up fast and might have to suggest dates alternate to your first choice. I suggest booking your dates two to three months in advance, as that also allows me to prep your promotional materials and have them to you in plenty of time for promoting your event.

Silent Auctions

I am happy to donate a studio session and high resolution digital portrait to your school for a silent auction. I do have certain requirements for doing so. Please contact me for details.